This place feels strange in a heavenly way…

I’ve never been here before. This place feels strange in a heavenly way. Heavenly. That’s the word.  Had you asked me an year ago, what I thought about that period of finishing school, I would have definitely used the word anxious. My friends are using the word fear. We are all tired of school atContinue reading “This place feels strange in a heavenly way…”

How Committed are you?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a pastor’s faith and yours? Not the calling part where he or she has been called and you have not. But that difference between the how much they believe in God compared to you. Like I’m sure their calling didn’t come with a whole package containing aContinue reading “How Committed are you?”


She always saw them everywhere, in the matatu, around archives and the markets. Sometimes with a microphone, other times with really worn out bibles. After listening to them for over a hundred times, she has learnt the art of switching off when they speak. Except one or two times when they actually deliver a messageContinue reading “STREET PREACHER”