Lessons from my journey

There are things I know now that I wish I believed in an year or so ago. Things I knew but they hadn’t sunk into my heart. And right now, they have made all the difference in my life 1. Spiritual okayness isn’t a synonym to emotional wellbeing.  I think its coz of always beingContinue reading “Lessons from my journey”

What is an effective prayer? 

Before I started reading With Christ in the school of prayer, i remember wondering, what on earth does an effective prayer look like? Like when do I say I am efficiently praying? Because I understood praying isn’t just about asking and receiving. So an effective prayer can’t be just one where you get what youContinue reading “What is an effective prayer? “

To Pray is to Change. 

I’ve been reading this book titled Celebration of Disciplines; The path to Spiritual Growth by Richard Foster. I decided to read it slowly, like chapter by chapter each week since it talks of Disciplines,these are things that are mastered by action not known by just reading alone. I like his style of writing. He countersContinue reading “To Pray is to Change. “

Have you not read…?

Have you ever experienced how God humbles people? Well, I’m beginning to think that its a trend now in my life. God opens a new journey or lesson for me, I do it or learn it. And then I feel on top of the world. I yap on it( innocently though). I enjoy the ‘limelight’Continue reading “Have you not read…?”

..and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

Psalms 37:4 Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.   What does the above verse mean to you? For the longest time ever, it simply meant that if I took delight in God; that is, worshipped Him, did according to His Will, served Him, prayed to HimContinue reading “..and He will give you the desires of your heart. “


She always saw them everywhere, in the matatu, around archives and the markets. Sometimes with a microphone, other times with really worn out bibles. After listening to them for over a hundred times, she has learnt the art of switching off when they speak. Except one or two times when they actually deliver a messageContinue reading “STREET PREACHER”