But I can die..of jealousy. 

I saw you dancing,  Arms intertwined,  Legs doing a tango, A lump of saliva transfigured to a stone in my throat, I couldn’t swallow,  Nor talk,  Of your beauty Your grace Your charm Or my inability to dance Hoping though,  That you enjoyed every twist That every turn made you lighter with joy That everyContinue reading “But I can die..of jealousy. “

Young, free and alive. 

As an adult, losing the ability to dream is easy. And regaining it is way harder.  I was reading something on a lady doing Bikozulu’s writing masterclass, and she said something very interesting.  When she retires in a few years time, she wants to start baking. And as of now, she has absolutely no ideaContinue reading “Young, free and alive. “