Knowledge and wisdom

Days ago I spoke to a close friend of mine that I look upto. And as she was speaking all I could hear was the wisdom in her words. Her perspective floored me. And immediately we finished speaking, I asked God for wisdom. Previously I thought her perspectives could be attributed to maturity. But theContinue reading “Knowledge and wisdom”

Of witchcraft, demonic attacks, curses and other things we don’t talk about. 

Today we are going to talk about witchcraft, demonic attacks, things like covenants made by our ancestors, curses and such kind of stuff. Just the introduction though.  I come from a community associated with witchcraft. And I’ve never heard anyone denying it. They don’t accept they do go to witches either anyway. Some people areContinue reading “Of witchcraft, demonic attacks, curses and other things we don’t talk about. “

6 words that describe the Laws of the Lord. 

If asked to describe the word of God, what adjectives would you use? Like how do you perceive it? When you look at the way God expects you to live, like giving not expecting back, offering the second cheek to be slapped too, loving and praying for your enemies, etc, what comes to mind?  PeopleContinue reading “6 words that describe the Laws of the Lord. “

To Pray is to Change. 

I’ve been reading this book titled Celebration of Disciplines; The path to Spiritual Growth by Richard Foster. I decided to read it slowly, like chapter by chapter each week since it talks of Disciplines,these are things that are mastered by action not known by just reading alone. I like his style of writing. He countersContinue reading “To Pray is to Change. “