The better life

Being a christian and hopefully a staunch one, telling people about God is one of my calling. And at times,I find myself trying to sell God and His salvation to an unbeliever. A while ago or long time ago(depending on your scale of time) , most of this discussion entailed defending God against arguments thatContinue reading “The better life”


Sometimes you read things that make you question life. For example, about Yida camp in South Sudan. Or saladef from Mt.Elgon . Or of raped two year olds. Of the matatu crews assaulting women. Other times you hear things. Like the campus girl who is pregnant but has no idea who is the father amongContinue reading “THESE TIMES”

How I fell in love with hiking

Dreams,goals and hopes. That was how my third year started. On a very high note. I wanted to open my NGO in the near future. I planned on traveling more. I wanted to be financially independent. We had plans with my then boyfriend. And all those things required some amount of money. My pocket moneyContinue reading “How I fell in love with hiking”

We fight while you sit and wait to collect our prize

As i’m taken through the an eighth of the farm that is on this side i cannot help but wonder how much of land a single family can own. Acres upon acres of fertile land in a rainy place amount to millions of shillings today. Yet none of the families that have inherited the landContinue reading “We fight while you sit and wait to collect our prize”