Sometimes the things we want so badly, when they do come to pass, they derail us. I never thought I would ever say i’m a victim of my dreams come true. It sounds illogical. Like how can something you wanted so badly cause you nothing but joy?

I got so focused on it that I forgot I have a life. That I had a heart to make happy, a mind to ensure stays healthy and to center myself spiritually. I forgot that my life is way more than just one sphere of it.

I found myself struggling with so much energy in me and few things to spend it on. So I kept on wondering what exactly i’m supposed to do with this psyche.

I had forgotten that before life happened, I had a life. It wasn’t working on so well. But it was there nevertheless. I can’t discard all that for the sake of one dream.

But that has taken so much self searching to realize. I guess I never really expected one of my problems to be that I take life so seriously.

So now we dress up. And I take the advice I usually give my small sister, go out to the world, explore.

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