If I was to tell you something right now, it would be to be calm. I would have added ‘..and know that I am God’ but I won’t. I would tell you to be still. Breathe. Enjoy the sun a bit. Listen to your heart beat. Slow down everything in you. If possible halt all those complicated mazes in your mind.

Even if its for a few minutes. Or an hour.

Because a week like this, in the near future, that person’s unreplied message to your hearts wishes won’t matter. A day like this one day, you’ll have enough to not worry about what options to take.

A season that’s coming, you’ll be in a season of bloom career wise. I know this seems like the end of the world. But one thing the end of things has taught me, is that, the end also doubles up as beginnings. Always.

The uncertainty of today, may never be replaced by full control of knowing what next in your life, but imagine the endless possibilities. Who knows where you’ll be 5yrs from now? Certainly not here.

But most importantly, who knows who you’ll be? Maybe life isn’t about collecting accolades, achievements and money. Maybe its about who you become each single day you wake up. Becoming. Maybe its about becoming.

I wouldn’t tell you that this pain has a reason. I’m not a believer of pain as a tool of discipline or teacher in life. There are better ways I believe. But the pain is here. A part of you as of now. But what i know, is that it doesn’t last forever. Even though it seems like it does. Even though hell seems like a better option than it.

I would really love tell you that better days are ahead. That it gets better. For some people that sounds encouraging. But I don’t believe the good times in life cancel out the bad times. Otherwise they would come in the same proportion or intensity. Which they don’t.

So I’ll tell you to breathe. To take a moment and just breathe. And while at it, may your background music be that heart, that every single second pumps life into you. Listen to your heart. Literally.

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