The man and fear.

I was watching some YouTube clip of some man today. I wanted to call him a guy, but that didn’t suit him. He was kinda old. But not the veins-and-wrinkles-in-the-neck kind of old. So we’ll just call him The man.

So the man was talking about something I had an interest in. And he didn’t even start with greetings. You know the way vloggers say Hi and welcome to my channel or my name is this and this. The man didn’t. I repeated the start of the clip, that 0.00 point ,severally, because I thought it was me that wasn’t hearing these greetings.

Anyway, so the man just starts talking. From anywhere. And he keeps on swallowing saliva and catching his breath. He did these severally within the first few seconds. That looked really suspicious. Like kwani how far is the nearest water dispenser? Like why would you start shooting a 35minute clip while thirsty?

But I persevered on. From the title of the clip, the man seemed to have knowledge on something that I needed. So like a good student with a fishy professor, I listened.

Till the man started touching his eyes in that way that signifies, ‘ I really just want to sleep or be out of here’. At that point I paused the video. Like who is holding our man at gunpoint to shoot a video on a seemingly innocent topic? Who are those people? But more importantly who is this man?

I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. At myself. And deleted that clip of the man that I had downloaded to watch later. Coz clearly I wouldn’t be watching the man, now or any later.

But I really found it funny. The places and people that my journey will take me to. I’ve always been pretty cynical. Of people. Who purport to know stuff. Especially nonscientific stuff. Like you don’t have logic by your side.

But i’m also very experimental. I would gladly go to a medicine person when sick to experiment if their traditional herbs work. Or listen to a crazy person to see if their craziness makes sense. I’ll give the most unlikely things or people a shot to see if they are worth it. That nature of mine, though it had been low key for a long time, is slowly coming back.

But no, I wasn’t going to give the man a whole 35minutes of my life when his body language said he would rather be doing something else than explaining to me whatever it was he talks about in that clip.

So i’m really excited about my ‘spiritual journey’. Being experimental i’ve always wanted to know more about other people’s religions, belief’s and the lack thereof. But being a Christian was an impediment to me actualising that. Because I would look at those religions and belief’s from an already biased point of view. And if travelling and reading has taught me anything, it is that there is no ” one way” or “the right” way of things. Some people can’t imagine a polygamous marriage, while others view and feel that polygamous marriages fulfill them.

So now that i’m free, I’ve decided to go on that journey of seeking that I’ve always wanted to embark on. And its already fun in a fulfilling way to begin with.

I actually had something important I wanted to share with you. But I decided to tell you stories. Because I can’t get a way of explaining to you what I want without sounding mythical.

Like if I told you what I’ve found, in the way I’ve found it, most probably you won’t think much of it. Because was I you, I sincerely wouldn’t too.

However, i’ll still try.

Fear. Do not fear. All religions, teachers and what nots have repeated that statement a thousand times. We’ve been told that over and over again. Yet personally I never thought much about it.

Until, right now when i’m beginning to learn, that we attract what we fear. Always. Now, you’ll look at me and say that you fear robbers, but they haven’t attacked you. Or something else that you think you fear, and hasn’t happened yet.

But if you look at the things you have, are or do, and you trace your thoughts, they go hand in hand. Why? Because our thoughts are energies. Any thought you have is an energy. When you fear, what kind of energy are you creating? And when energy of a proportionate amount comes together, it creates matter. Matter is now the outcome you see of your thoughts.

For example, if you take any book written by any “successful” people, all of them emphasize on your thoughts and attitudes. All of them. Whether its a billionaire, the best athletic, the best author, the best teacher, mahatma or Jesus. All of them. And its not coincidence. Because you attract what you think.

Or to put it otherwise, you attract what you fear. Just look into your life, the things you had control over, i’m not talking about the truck that hit you, or the cancer that affected your loved one, if you wish, you can look at corruption in Kenya. Or our bad leaders. We fear corruption so much as a nation, if the anger, bitterness and satire I see after any scandal is anything to go by, that you can be rest assured we’ll have corruption scandals from now on, to the day we stop being afraid of it. Because if my single thought is energy , just imagine how much energy we are creating collectively.

Sounds mythical? Like now she’s blaming corruption on energies? He he 🙂 .

There are so many ways of explaining why we attract what we fear. Just check out your respective beliefs and try and understand why you are told by your teachers or savior to not fear. There is a scientific explanation to it. Various spiritual explanations. Take what suits you. I simply tried to simplify it for you. Because that specific message is the same throughout the world.

But at least if you don’t agree with my ka-lesson, you were entertained by my escapades with the The man..right?

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