Takawiri Island

The time is 5am, its really chilly outside. We’ve just woken up even before the sleep could completely rejuvenate us. But none of us wants to seem the odd one out. Not when that portrays a slack in your prayer life.

You see, we were waking up to pray. At 5am. It just was. No one explained why or who thought it brilliant to wake people up at ungodly hours to pray. So together, each one on his or her own corner, we prayed. And prayed some more. And prayed some more just in case whoever had the day’s word wasn’t ready. Then the word.

But on this specific day, the one with that day’s word stretched it out a little further. They told us to ask for anything we desired from the Holy Spirit that we hadn’t asked before. Something we didn’t necessarily think it necessary to bother the Holy Spirit with yet we desired.

So in a chilly morning in Machakos, on a Christian mission, I asked for three things to be fulfilled before the end of that year. 2017 that is. 2017 ended. I thought it might be just as well..I mean there is a reason some of us don’t necessarily put our hopes up when asking for some things from God.

Fast forward to today. I’m seated inside a tent. And out of my 3 prayers that I made on that chilly morning, this is the 2nd one that has come to pass this weekend.

I don’t remember when I first heard of Takawiri Island, but man, the pictures of that place left me with a desire to come see it. Who would have imagined white sandy beaches in Lake Victoria? Complete with palm trees? Certainly not me. I had actually never thought much about how Nyanza looks like.

Except the Rusinga Sunset. I think its the most famous sunset in Kenya. People come to Rusinga just to see that sunset. A friend of mine who has travelled extensively made me jealous a few years ago when he showed me the sunrise and sunset of this place.

All the same, one way or another, i’m here. Camping in Rusinga. Having visited Takawiri Island during the day. And having sat for hours just watching the lake and listening to birds. And waiting for the sunset. And philosophising.

Before I came here, on Friday and before, I was in a really bad place. Like really bad. And today I saw how simple and magical it feels to have your dreams come to pass.

And as I listen to the lake’s waves( we are sleeping a few metres away from the lake), I realize that this trip was more than just travelling. It was a dream come true.

Sometimes life breaks you. Literally. Till I can’t recognise what dreams still hold water in the various pieces that were once a whole me. And during those times, its easy to focus on what to eat and what to wear, but most importantly, just to make sure I wake up the next day.

But this beautiful place has reminded me that maybe there is still hope. That I shouldn’t forget to want. That in the struggle to stay alive, I should keep the fire burning. It may be just one tiny log burning up, but what matters is that its there.

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