Nairobi National Park

I’m sure you’ve heard the most interesting thing about this park.. Its the only park in the world within a city. Like all around it ,its surrounded by infrastructure of one type or another. Which is a plus for a city because rarely, or rather it has never been done before in the world that a city, a major city at that, sets aside a huge chunk of land just for wildlife instead of erecting buildings on it.

That makes it really easy to visit. Since its just here. But surprisingly, most people who live in Nairobi have never visited the park yet they have been to other parks far away. The reason could be finances. Most travel agencies charge the same amount to go to Hell’s gate as to go to Nairobi National Park just here, so people prefer to pay the same amount of money and travel a bit out of Nairobi.

So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw that one of the Tour Operators I follow ( Safiri Nasi) had shared a post asking people who’ve never been to the park to pay up and go. It was the cheapest offer I had ever seen for going to Nairobi National park. So despite my broke self, I knew such kind of an offer won’t land on my laps any time soon. So I paid up. I invited my friends and only 1 showed up at that short notice.

Our journey started at around 11am from town and 12.30 noon from the gate. Which is way late or early if you are planning on seeing Lions. Lions are majorly only seen early in the morning, at 6am that is, or in the evening, at 6pm. And since the parks don’t allow people to be in past 6pm, most serious tourists brave the cold in the morning.

Anyway, just at the entrance we were graced by a huge warthog. And not very far inside we started seeing other wild animals like antelopes, buffalos and giraffes.

We had a tour guide who explained the various behaviours of the wild animals. For example, when male antelopes mature, they fight off among themselves. The winner gets all the females. As in, we could see a herd of antelopes made up of many females and only one male. That male was the strongest who won the fight and would therefore get the opportunity to serve all females when in heat and thus sire the next generation of antelopes. That way, only the strong genes are passed on to the next generation. We saw herds consisting of males only, with some having broken horns showing that they lost the fight. We knew they were male or female using the horns. Females don’t have horns.

I love learning stuff about wild animals or birds when on the ground or in the wild. I could have googled the information, but being there to see what we are talking about made it all the more fulfilling.

When I buy my car, I think one aspect of the kind of travelling I do now that i’ll miss will be travelling with strangers. All brought together by the love of travelling. We had so much fun digesting the information the tour guide was giving us about the animals as a group.

We as humans couldn’t understand just how this animal kingdom works. Like who tells them what they are supposed to do? How do they know its time to fight?

But the best part for me( coincidentally its always my best part in almost all safaris I’ve gone) , was sighting the animals as a whole bus. At some point, some lady and one man told us that they had seen Rhinos. Wacha tuzitafute! They kept on directing people as to where those rhinos were but all everyone could see were the bushes. Only later when we got to a more level place did we all see the said Rhinos. But the laughter in between as we looked for them certainly made my day.

Travelling makes me happy. Makes me euphoric. Gives me peace. Calms my world. And gives me hope for a better tomorrow. That for as long as I haven’t been to Congo, Gambia, Victoria falls, Mozambique, Ethiopia up here and Tunisia, then I have a reason to live, to hold on even when my today isn’t a good day.

If you haven’t been to Nairobi National park, make your way towards’ll be worth your visit.

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