Borrowed fuel.

Ever felt like you are running on borrowed fuel? Like just one more mishap and you are done.

I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how I feel. And that first line up there is quite accurate. I’ve found myself avoiding instances that will make me tired, or will strain me or have the potential to.

I’m not tired. But I’m almost there. Its like when you are sick and its either you get well or you get bedridden. And since any will do, i’ll do my best to avoid or at least postpone the bedridden phase.

I’m going to Takawiri on Friday. I wish it were under better circumstances though. Like if maybe I was in a better place. Right now it feels as if I’m holding on a cliff. Where life has already pushed me over but I’ve refused to fall and instead I’ve held on. But my hands are getting tired.

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