I need a wife. 

They said,

My son,

The work is too much for you-

You need a wife

One who cooks, does laundry and irons for you

One who saves for you,

Advises you on the correct investments,

Gives you money to start a business when you get fired,

Takes loans for you in her name,

Prays for you,

And forgives you when when you cheat. 
Well, I looked at their sons around, 

Their baby-like dependency on another human being,

And thought-

Wouldn’t it be lovely to also have a wife? 

But not a businesswoman and a house help mixed together,

 A wife who is wowed by the lunar eclipse as I am,

Who we’ll travel over mountains and valleys just to see another beach like the one at home

Who we’ll exchange cars as well as we exchange ideas,

Who we’ll drag each other to a dispensary after being tear gassed demonstrating against the government,

Whose body belongs to her- but sharing is highly encouraged, 

Whose mind makes mine looks less insane,

Whose humor is darker than mine, 

Whose ideals we share,

Wouldn’t that just be lovely?
They told their son that he needs a wife, 

I looked at their son- 

At whatever he’s proudly bringing to the table- 

An empty table is all he brings-

And whatever he’s asking to be brought to his table

Everything on earth a human can be and carry-

And I thought, with all this that I have – 

It would be a waste to bring it to their son’s empty table

But it would be a worse tragedy for the woman their son exchanges his emptiness for wholeness with,

So why not do the world a favor,

And marry a wife? 

So see- I need a wife. 

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