The beauty of life

When I was young, I thought the beauty of life was finding your purpose and living it. Athletics seemed to live their passion. And I admired that. To know what you here on earth for and be it. I thought that was the ultimate goal. I prayed for God to reveal my purpose in life. I observed myself and wondered which of my hobbies would be tied to my destiny. 

However, with time, I have realised that the ultimate beauty of life is to be alive for today. That though big things happen to us; people become cabinet secretaries, others finally start their own businesses, others miscarry, others lose the loves of their life, others marry, others get raped- they don’t define us necessarily. We are not us because of them. 

Its the mundane, everyday life that is the ultimate goal of living a good life. We sleep and make plans for tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes -it either goes as planned or something happens that affects all consequent tomorrows. It changes our todays. And after a while we get used to that change. And on a certain boring day, something else happens that tilts slightly the direction of our lives. And those small tilts sometimes bring way more change to our destinies than the big earthquakes we were expecting. 

I used to look at our local businesspeople and wonder, what satisfaction do they get from selling and buying stuff? Like are they proud of who they turned out to be? I felt bad for them, well kinda. Until I’ve realized, that its my eyes that were closed. Their lives beauty isn’t from what they do. Its from who they are today. The daily interactions with their clients, preparing their kids for school each morning and counting their milestones, attending a neighbour’s funeral, preparing for the wedding next door, politicking all the time, cheating on your husband with that young banker, gossiping about that woman you hate on the outside but envy on the inside, feeling and being a part of your church, and belonging to your community. 

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