Lola Shoneyin- The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s wives

Just like The last Black Unicorn,  I looked for this book due to it being highly acclaimed. 

And after reading it, only one word comes to mind- EXQUISITE. 
As a writer, you are told to write a book that you would love to read. And for me, this was not a book I would just have loved to read, it was a book I would have loved to write. 
Its that good. The reviewers were right on this one. Its a masterpiece. 
The whole book is quite short and looking at it from a bird’s eye, its quite a simple tale. One you’ve most likely heard about in your village. 

What sets Lola Shoneyin apart, is her technique of writing if I may call it so. 
I have enjoyed reading this book.. but above that, when I begin writing my book, this one shall be reread for an example of what a well written book looks like.

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