Working while waiting

I have always thought and considered waiting as hard. Especially waiting for God. I hate waiting for human beings so much that I avoid it altogether. But with God I have no choice. 

I have been thinking about waiting. Or rather, waiting lessons have been finding me. Or is that when you want something, the universe finds a way of giving it to you? 

And today, I’ve realised why waiting seemed hard for me. I had it wrong, no wonder I struggled with it. 

I thought waiting meant idleness or doing nothing. 

That is a big misconception I had. Kwanza I’m now realising how foolish I was when I look at the verses I was quoting for God. Had I looked at them keenly, I would have realised what I was doing wrong. Like that famous verse in Isaiah 40;31 that those who wait upon the Lord, their strength shall be renewed and they will soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint. 

If you look at that verse, you notice that if you wait, by the time you need your strength renewed, you must have used it up. Meaning you were not idle. Waiting and doing nothing are not synonyms. That verse speaks of soaring, running and walking. There is no sitting or lying down anywhere. God expects us to work as we wait upon Him. 

Which leads to the question, what is that work you are supposed to be doing as you wait upon the Lord?

We all wait for different things from God. Some wait for husbands, others for jobs, for babies, for healing, for deliverance, for the actualization of God’s word in our lives etc. 

Now, unless directed otherwise by the Holy Spirit, you do what you do everyday. If God told you, you will be a CEO and as for now you are a house cleaner, you don’t leave your job and go wait to be a CEO, you continue doing it faithfully as God makes a way. Same way David after being anointed King went on to be a Shepherd until his time came. 

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