The Envelopes

As you leave, my son

Don’t forget to give me money for the envelope

They’ll still bring me one despite being bedridden for an year

They all have envelopes nowadays, 

To receive we have to give

And even if one has nothing to give, then you borrow to give

And wait to receive 

Thank you my son, go well

Greet your family for me

Amen- it shall be well

Oooh..and before I forget

I’ll be requesting for a mass next month

Its time the prayers were held in my home

Maybe i’ll get better then

Come with the wife and kids

And remember that to hold a mass here,

I have to give an envelope of Ksh 2000, 

So send that before the month goes along

I need to be prayed for soon- who knows?

Maybe its what will finally bring me healing

Thank you- 

Yes, yes, i’ll remind you when the time nears

Go well my son.

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