Young, free and alive. 

As an adult, losing the ability to dream is easy. And regaining it is way harder. 

I was reading something on a lady doing Bikozulu’s writing masterclass, and she said something very interesting. 

When she retires in a few years time, she wants to start baking. And as of now, she has absolutely no idea on the first thing about baking. 

Think about that! Sometimes we dream, but even during those times, those dreams are restricted to what we know or have experienced. 

And I want that. The ability to dream of things I’ve never seen or heard. Of things I’ve never had an interest in before. 

I want that flexibility. Of doing un-mercy like things. When did I get so old by the way? I even have definitions for myself. Which shouldn’t be the case especially at my age with my whole life ahead of me. 

But maybe this is how one gets regenerated and renewed. A new me with a i-can-do-all-things mentality. 

As for now, I need to feel young, free and alive again. 


  1. primeoptimum says:

    Good to hear …a new me….i can do all things..

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  2. I can completely relate. I am going through the same thing.. i realized everytime you do something new- something unlike me i feel renewed. Refreshed. Went ziplining this year, it was amazing! next skydiving. But also everyday little things, like wearing something i wouldn’t normally wear.

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    1. mwende says:

      Your words are the truth!! I think my best moments are when I get out of my comfort zone..but the moments before that ‘getting out’ are filled with so much “what ifs”.
      And I’m slowly learning to stay rooted at the cliff less and just take the jump

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