Knowledge and wisdom

Days ago I spoke to a close friend of mine that I look upto. And as she was speaking all I could hear was the wisdom in her words. Her perspective floored me. And immediately we finished speaking, I asked God for wisdom. Previously I thought her perspectives could be attributed to maturity. But the more I listened to her, the clearer it became that this went deeper than that. 

I think its Strive Masiyiwa who said that he can predict where you are headed in life based on the questions you have about/in life. That statement can mean so many things depending on how you look at it. But it meant a lot to me considering the times I’m full of life is when I have so many questions in life while in my comfort zone days, I flow with life, no questions asked. 

So nowadays I make a point of looking at any questions I might have , and actually saturating them by finding answers. That way, if it is something meant to stay in my life permanently, i’ll know if the questions persist. But if the answer satisfies my curiosity, then i’ll know it was just that;curiosity. 

I was telling a friend, that I knew the kind of car I want, when I found myself more than 5 times in different occasions, going behind to check the make of that car, just to realise its the same make that I saw at Garden City, same one I checked out at that hotel, same one I walked back to see in church..etc. ( the rest of you who have always known the kind of cars you want; take a chill pill and stop acting so shocked that there are humans with zero interest in cars except when absolutely necessary). 

See..the kind of things that make you take a step back, that make you ask yourself a question, that make you google, reveals a lot about where you are going, or not. 

That was how I found myself looking for wisdom. After 2 or 3 occasions of doing something major in my life and then later realising how ‘wrongly’ I approached the whole thing, I started asking myself how I could avoid knowing the right way after a mistake and instead know what way to take beforehand. And then I talk to someone who though not perfect, I can bet that with that kind of wisdom, will avoid many traps in this life. Her way may not be straight but it won’t be in circles either. 

And God being as faithful as He is, He decided to answer my prayer and question concerning wisdom. 

What I have found has been an eye opener to a sea of knowledge and information that I didn’t know. And i’ll share a lesson from a man I was watching called Kevin L A Ewing. 

Spirit of Knowledge and wisdom

This has shocked me. I didn’t know that wisdom and knowledge are spirits. Like I know in New testament we talk of the major spiritual gifts, but that’s not what we are talking about here. Like when it comes to spiritual gifts, there are those that are given to specific people and that’s okay. 

But if Isaiah 11;1-2 is anything to go by, then Wisdom and knowledge together with understanding, counsel, power and the fear of the Lord are spirits. 

Now, maybe you are wondering, what difference does it make if wisdom is a spirit? Spirits operate differently from other ‘things’. For example, unlike your identity in Christ which is permanent and which you get instantly when one gets born again, one has to ask God for the spirits of things like understanding and counsel. We see that in Ephesians 1;17 when Paul prays that the Ephesians get the spirit of wisdom and revelation to help them know God better. 

We don’t pray to be made children of God each day, we became children of God when we accepted Christ. 

But we have to pray to get the spirit of wisdom and knowledge. 

And another thing about ‘spirits’ is that unlike other things, they can leave, they can become inactive, they can be affected or influenced by things or people. 

For example, when one gets education, no one takes that away from you. Even if you spend a decade among illiterate people, you’ll still remain educated. Why? Education isn’t a spirit. 

Now on the other hand, Proverbs severally warns us to run away from foolish people. Why? They have no knowledge. While it encourages people to stay in the presence of wise people. Why? That presence itself will influence your wisdom levels. This goes hand in hand with what spirits behave as. You go to a place that whose atmosphere isn’t good, its affected. 

No wonder you can find a person who was once in the right trajectory of life, suddenly making all wrong choices in life. 

I found this so encouraging though. That I don’t have to wait for age to catch up with me, for me to be wise. 

I should simply talk to my father who withholds no good thing from me.  

For me that was the highlight of my lesson today. But to get more, just go to YouTube and watch ” The Spirit of Knowledge by Kevin L A Ewing”. Or any other source the spirit leads you to. 

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