Do you watch Kenyan films?

Of late i’ve been trying to find things that make me happy. Even if its just for a few minutes. And when I say find, I mean discover. Like at this point in life, when everything is so uncertain, what are those things that make my heart still or just take my mind off things? 
For example, yesterday I took a different brand of yoghurt. It was cold and forest berry flavoured, and I was hungry.  I think of all decisions I made yesterday, that was the best one. I mean, who knew the right youghurt at the right time would result to such pure bliss? 

But anyway, to more serious stuff, I love reading. And that has been constant in my life except once or twice when my wilderness moments wanted to read nothing. And considering how specific I am with my books of choice, at times like this, I lack books to read. The books I want to read cost money that I don’t have right now.

Which is how I’ve ended up looking for new  hobbies. Things that take my mind away for a while. And considering how internet is easily available, I’ve had a whole ocean to pick my drop from. 

Besides music, its either i’m too choosy or people are not shooting what I want or that I haven’t found what i’m looking for. 

You see, I prefer local stuff to foreign stuff. When I say local, I mean, the use of context I can understand. I’m at a point in life when i’m trying to understand my world. And reading or looking at things with snow when I’ve never seen snow in my entire life just doesn’t make sense to me. It also makes sense to listen to a Kenyan woman give me advice compared to a European one. I just feel as if since she’s grown up in the same environment as me(socially and politically), I can resonate with her or vice versa. 

Not that people of different races or religion or continents have nothing to offer me. No. Its just that at this specific point in life, something or someone that looks like me or talks like me is way easier to understand and connect with. 

And that is how I ended up being crazy over Africa in general. Our problems, our stories, our music our books and our looks. 

And since for now I can’t access African books, or Kenyan ones to even be more specific, I ended up looking for Kenyan films. Or rather I stumbled on them accidentally. 

I don’t like watching. Or so I thought. Once in a while I’ve watched series or movies, but its never been my second love nor my third. Its always a by the way. And being choosy generally in life, I still had preferences when it came to what I watched those few times I did. 

Before now, the only Kenyan film I had watched was ” Nairobi Half Life”. That was like 2 yrs ago. And I didn’t like it. It was just too damn slow for life. They had a good story. Good choice of actors. But I felt as if they dragged every single scene. Like maybe it should have been 45minutes tops. 

And as much as I like local, that kinda spoilt my view of Kenyan films for me. If that’s what they had to offer then why not wait for like 3 or so years when it would have greatly improved for me to go back to the sampling field? 

But Kalasha Awards happened. And some fellow alumni from high school asked us to vote for her sijui in what category. Feeling philanthropic and armed with her name, I went to vote. So I clicked everywhere I saw her name. 

While in there voting i noticed some films  being repeated in almost all categories. Like 4 or 5. And I got curious. Like by the time they are being nominated all those times, si there is a chance they could be good? Or at least watchable? 

So the next time I found myself in YouTube, I looked for one of those films. I didn’t get it, but I got another one titled “Lina”. And before I knew it I had watched it to the end. I could give it a 7/10. A 7.5 would be a little generous. But it was beyond watchable or average. It captured my attention, the storyline was good and the actors played out their roles really well. 

From then i’ve watched one or two more films( hehe..that number is improving as time goes by). And i’m slowly acquiring the taste for kenyan films. Its an acquired taste by the way. You can’t come from Hollywood expecting a replica of the same here. 

The most outstanding thing about Kenyan films for me has been the ” Simplicity ” for lack of a better word. The story revolves around one thing. Which then means the whole movie is acted in the context of a day or two. At first I found that hard to get used to, but when I got around it, it feels different but enjoyable. You watch something that took an hour to happen in that same hour. They don’t jump years like Nigerians or develop a fast paced story like Hollywood. The Kenyan films i’ve watched are a bit chilled and relaxed. 

And so its with a great surprise that I find myself finding pleasure in the most unexpected quarters. Who would have imagined me sitting for an hour to watch anything in this life when I had other things to do? 

I sincerely don’t know if this newly found hobby will last. But for now, i’ll watch the Kenyan films I can. In case you would want to partake in these too, just Google the Kalasha awards from any year, then go look for any film that captures your eye. They even have trailers to make choosing easier. Don’t give up after the first one you watch. Watch 3 or 4 for better criticism. 

But for now, anyone knows where I can get Katikati from or where I can watch it? 



  1. Wamaitha Wanjohi says:

    Watch 18 hours it’s in cinemas…..thank me later

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Thank you least i have one recommendation!


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