Women and their Heart. 

Today I got such a good message that totally blessed me. I’ll share the credits at the end lest they hinder one from getting the message. 

Women are life givers. Both practically and figuratively. We touch farms, they flourish, we nurture small babies to grown adults, we marry broke men, they get their lives in order (hehe), etc. But the whole point is as simple as, women carry life in them. 

The Bible says that the Heart is the source of life. Out of the Heart, springs life. And if women are life givers, and the heart is the spring of life, then the heart of a woman is the spring of life. Which is why when the devil wanted to introduce death, he came after the one who had the spring of life in them. And when God wanted to deliver human kind from the serpent, He used the life giving skills of the woman( her seed). 

This then goes without saying that no wonder of the two genders, women are most burdened by heart issues. If not heart breaks, then it has to be some hurt from what someone said or did. Why? Because the only way to destroy the woman or defeat her is through her heart. Not even circumstances are cruel enough to break a woman. You want to mess with a woman, mess with her heart. You want to empower a woman, bring life to her heart. 

Poisoning the heart. The Bible likens the heart to a spring. And during the Israelites’ days, springs were the most guarded things in a city. They were closed off by stones that only men could roll off. They knew that if anyone poisoned a spring, everyone and everything would go wrong. Plants wouldn’t grow, women would miscarry, animals would die, strange illnesses would come etc. 

That’s why we see in 2 Kings 2:19, That when people went to conquer Jericho, the biggest problem wasn’t the location or state of the city. It was beautifully located, it was a great city. But the one thing that made people come to Elisha was the spring of life. The water. And the moment it was sorted out, everything was okay. 

Same thing, sometimes we blame everything around us. Our joblessness, singleness, barrenness, bad marriage, bad bosses, bad parents etc. In simple terms, we blame our location and state. Yet, the problem is only one thing. Our hearts. Its the spring of life. Our hearts are okay, we prosper even in deserts, but our hearts are polluted, we become unproductive even in the right places and state. 

But just like Elisha restored the water to a good state, is the same way God can restore our hearts. God is in the business of taking broken hearts and mending them. He’s a master at bringing to life dead elements of ourselves. Christ came to bring life in abundance. Which means he came to deal with our hearts since they are the spring of life. 

So what to do with our hearts? How do we guard them as the bible tells us? How do we stay vigilant? How do we protect them from pollution? 

There is only one way. We turn our hearts to God. We fix our hearts to God. We focus on God. He heals us and keeps us. 

Its a long journey. And certainly not an easy one. 

And that journey starts with forgiveness. Forgiving anyone we carry in our hearts. You see the way they say women have sharp memories? Ati she’ll remember something you said 20 years ago, on what day it was and what you were wearing? Yet God forgets. He says when He forgives our sins He remembers them no more.  So how do we women remember that much? Its because we don’t forgive in the first place. You remember a memory with a pinch in it? then it means you never forgave fully. And the moment we let go of it completely, we start to forget it because it stops mattering. 

Choose to let go of all those who hurt you and caused you pain. And after we forgive others, God and ourselves, comes love. And this only works if our hearts are focused on God. Coz we can’t give what we don’t have. And we can only love after we’ve accepted God’s love into our hearts. 

And the moment we get our hearts sorted out, regardless of the circumstances around us, things get better. Life gets better. For example, Hannah after talking to Eli, went home and ate well. Her countenance changed. She wasn’t pregnant yet. Neither had Peninah changed her taunting. But her heart had been sorted out. So she feasted and took up a happy look on her face knowing that God was on her case. 

So instead of crying ( which is okay), a time comes when we graduate to praise. When we now turn our focus on God, and ask ourselves, what does God say about us, our lives and our situations? And then act like it. Act like someone who is not forsaken. Act like the apple of God’s eye. Act like someone who is crushed but not dead, brought down but whose story is just beginning. Eat and have your face reflect someone whose battles God is fighting. Its a graduation of faith when you can praise God in the storm. 

And all these I got when I accompanied my cousin to Daughters of Zion at JCC. This blessed sermon was delivered by Pastor David. And I can’t appreciate God enough for getting me in a space to hear such a wonderful message. Hope you were blessed too. 


  1. Wanyika Wangio says:

    Thanks for sharing…atleast now I see the positive part (why the serpent used the woman)..Deep insight and the best way to start my day

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  2. lusimwenja says:

    wow so encouraging and uplifting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Thank you Lusimwenja


  3. nyarokungu says:

    Wow, truly amazing

    Liked by 1 person

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