These women..

Growing up, I never had a role model. Like there was no one I looked upto or wanted to be like. But as a child, and a brilliant one at that, after the question, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Came the question “who is your role model?”. 

So I lied my way through that question the whole time. In class three I heard a class seven girl mention that Ben Carson was her role model. I had no idea by then who that was but I immediately adopted the guy as my role model in case anyone asked. 

But the fact that I had no specific person I looked upto doesn’t mean I had no people I admired. And I think all are women. Like I’ve scratched my brain to try to remember if there is any man I ever looked upto and none came to mind. 

In my career and education I’ve met and heard of many women whose lives had my uttermost respect. And the first woman to have that honor was Ellen Sirleaf Johnson. I remember keeping her picture from class 4 to class 7. My social studies teacher loved mentioning her. And I admired that feat of being the first woman to do something, not just in your country but in a whole continent. 

After her came more women who one way or another got me pysched up to achieve a great feat in my life. Especially our High School alumni. They made me want to go out there( now here) and shine the light then go back to tell those small ladies that its possible; you can be anything you want. 

But what has made me think about all this has been this particular breed of women in my town. Two to be specific. They are beautiful and pretty. They have brains. And they use them in the business world to thrive just like everyone else here. And more than that, they are sensual. They own their sensuality. Like they are sexy and they use that to their advantage. 

You see, all those women I admired before, kinda followed a script: work hard, be disciplined, go after your dreams and remember to put God first. And short cuts are no good. And that worked for them. 

But these two didn’t exactly follow that script. They are not exactly bad girls but they aren’t good girls either. They went to school and studied as much as life allowed them. They worked where possible. And when short cuts or opportunities that good girls may have by passed showed up, they took them. Like marrying into a rich family or going out with a multimillionaire. 

And a part of me is intrigued by that audacity. To just live life with no caution. To not only use your brains but also your beauty. I don’t know where these thoughts are leading to, but I can’t help but respect these two women. And a part of me looks upto them in some way. 

Like do we have to suppress a part of ourselves to go down the hall of fame? Can’t I be everything? Beauty and brains? And will it matter which path I choose to achieve my dreams? And to who will it matter? Like who are those stakeholders in my life that kinda determine the script I follow in life? 


  1. Siphosetu says:

    “In class three I heard a class seven girl mention that Ben Carson was her role model. I had no idea by then who that was but I immediately adopted the guy as my role model in case anyone asked. ” I found this line very funny. 😂I love your wit. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Hehe..thank you Siphosetu!


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