What do you want me to do for you?

Luke 18;41

What do you want me do for you?

How specific are our prayers? This blind man above was crying out unto Jesus to have Mercy on him. When Jesus came closer He asked Him what he would want him to do for him. 

For some reason, i’ve always assumed praying a general prayer is better than a specific one. I mean, what if I pray for a 3 bedroomed house and maybe God wanted to give me a 16bedroomed one? What if I pray for a job in this sector and God wanted to give me another one, maybe a better one? Doesn’t God know best?

He has even said He has a plan for me, a plan to give me hope and a future. He also said that my days are numbered, but not just my days but this God knows the number of hairs on my head. So surely, He must also have a concrete plan for me for next year, sindio? So why not pray like the blind man..that He has Mercy upon me or that he bestows his blessings upon me. 

 You see all the above thoughts, that maybe all of us have entertained in our prayers, well, they are as a result of Laziness. Yes, you heard that correctly, laziness. 

God gave us a will, right? Its no wonder He never forces anyone to get born again. Then after we get born again, we surrender our will to him alongside our hearts, minds and souls. Then after that, which is a part many Christians never bother to know, is that God allows us to use our renewed mind, transformed hearts and conformed wills to decide what we want and ask for them. Like just because you are born again doesn’t mean God takes away your mind or will. He just renews them. Whereas previously they were geared towards earthly passions, they now have God’s interests. 

How does Laziness come in here then? 

We know God has a plan for us, right? He also says He will direct and guide our steps, right? Well, what is that Will of God for your life? Don’t look at me as if that is supposed to be God’s secret. What does God want with you? Have you asked Him about it? Ama ni zile za we go before God quoting for Him how he has a plan for us? ( aki si I didn’t know much about praying!)

Imagine your father would like you to be musician in future. As a 5year old, he might not tell you all about the best music university in the world. But if you ask him which co-curricular activity to pick in school, he will direct you to pick a music class instead of the swimming one. And as life progresses, he will continue advising you on which decisions to take to see his dream of you being a musician come true. At 5yrs he might not tell you the bigger picture, but he will direct you. 

Same thing God might not give us the bigger picture, but he will tell us and show us step by step what he would have us do. But only if we ask. 

There are many reasons why God would have us be specific with our prayer requests. 

One, and I have tried explaining it above, is that it will require us to fellowship with God intimately, to know what is in his heart. You just don’t turn up to your father one day all over sudden asking about his plans for you. You cultivate a relationship with him. You get to know him first, know what he likes, what are his desires etc. Then you also allow yourself to be corrected and groomed. Discipline might be painful but I don’t know of a father who would entrust his plans to an unruly child. 

I think that’s what most people are afraid of. Change. They know asking God for his plan for their lives might include Him correcting a thing or two. They are scared of asking God for that law degree because in their hearts, they have been led to music but they have been refusing to heed the call. So they pray general prayers. That way, they won’t give God the opportunity to work in their lives. 

A second reason why, would be, A specific prayer will make you ask yourself why you think you need whatever you are asking for. For example, you could be asking for a house simply because all your friends are moving into their own houses. Not because you necessarily need one. You ask for that house. And so when God asks you the design and size of the house, you actually have never thought about it. So, just like that, being specific wipes away some prayer requests we think we have.

Specifying what you want also allows you and God to know how far you are willing to go for whatever you want. Jesus didn’t ask that man what he wished.. He asked for the man’s will. At times we wish we had some things. Things we would be okay without. But the things we want, we work towards them. That blind man did not wish to see, he wanted to see. He shouted on top of his lungs even after being told to be quiet by those around him. Are you willing to ‘shout’ and ’embarrass’ yourself for whatever you want? God wants to know that by asking you to be specific about it. 

Another reason why we would be asked to be specific, is for the sake of the training of our faith. You see if you ask for your family to be blessed, you might never know whether that happens or not. I mean, how will you measure to know whether God blessed you or not? But if you pray for your father to get born again, for your brother to stop being alcoholic or for your mother to get healed, these are things you can hold God accountable on. You remember we said here that if you don’t get what you asked for, you ask God why. That way, God might even show you the plan he has for them. But you had to ask first to know. So your faith grows with the specific prayer requests you have and the process of waiting and perseverance for them to come true. 

But most importantly knowing what you want specifically requires you to be serious with God and yourself. Seems God also doesn’t love mediocrity. So next time that temptation of quoting Jeremiah 29;11 comes to you, may you remember Luke 18;41..what do you want me to do for you?

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