Be still. 

Yesterday as I was looking at the sunset, something occurred to me. 

As I kept on looking at it, its beauty and splendor, I couldn’t help but get awed at its glory. Like I found it soo deeply amazing. And I liked how as a creation, it brings glory to its creator. Every single day. Like if there is something that reminds me that God is greater than I will ever comprehend and more glorified than any other being, its the Sun. I find it really out-of-this-world for lack of a better word. 

And as the sun was setting, the ball was white when I looked at it deeply( I’ve always looked at the sun directly btw, like at first my eyes burn, then they get used to it, till I can look at it directly without feeling anything- maybe that’s why I have eyesight problems he he), anyway, and as usual it cast an orange hue to the horizon around it. 

Now, being the scientist that I am, do you know what the sun is? Its just a mass of gases burning up. And our sun isn’t white in colour. 

Like what we see here every morning rising up in all its splendor, going ahead to move towards noon then moving to set graciously is just a ball of gases that isn’t even moving in the first place. Neither does it change any property of itself, for earth to experience amazing sunsets. 

It just is. 

Yet we look at it and get carried away by what we see from it. 

And it hit me that had God told the Sun that every single day, it would be providing earth with colourful appearances, probably the sun would have demanded some modifications. It would want to be added some orange or pink or red or purple so that it can serve its purpose better. It would have wanted to be given the ability to move, I mean, just in case earth forgets to move. 

Imagine if God showed it the sunsets and sunrises it would have, and then it looked at itself, at the gases burning up in it, at its constant position, unless it had huge amounts of faith in God, it would have dismissed God’s plan as impossible based on its ‘appearance’ or ‘state’. 

Yet God, to produce such amazing sunsets only needed the sun to do one thing; to just be. 

Same thing with the clouds and the horizon. They work hand in hand with the sun in producing those amazing sunsets. And their only duty when it comes to sunrises, is to just be. 

And I think for humans like me, when you are told of your purpose or the things God would want to use you for, you panic. 

We start making ourselves more presentable. We look at the purpose and maybe want add some little orange or red to ourselves. We look at our state and what we are supposed to achieve and they just don’t seem compatible at all. 

We look at our positioning, and the various things we are supposed to be or achieve at different times of our lives, and they don’t go hand in hand. I mean, shouldn’t we be moving a little bit. 

It never occurs to us that God has maybe made other things like the earth to rotate around us, such that with our constant position, we still achieve our purpose. 

It never occurs to us, that we don’t hold all the cards. That we are only part of a system. And even that duty we’ve been given, will not be achieved by us working alone, its by everyone being still. 

Be still and know that I am God. 

I’ve been asking God to teach me that first part. How to be still. And what better way than to use His creation that I am conversant with to pass across the message. 

Everything that leads upto the sunsets that glorify God immensely, do that by being themselves. The sun, earth or clouds don’t fidget around everyday worrying if today’s sunset will come around beautifully, each one is still in its own element, and in the process, we know that God is God indeed. 

Same thing is required of us.To be still. And in this case, being still simply means to be ourselves. To find out our inner state, what we were made to be, and to be it to the fullest. It means not worrying that we were created a little too stagnant or hot or uncolorful. We should revel in ourselves and in our positions, and let God be glorified. 

Let’s assume that God has placed in your heart, a desire to reach out to the youth. Instead of running around, chasing after the young people in campuses or wherever they are found, be yourself. For example our pastor in church, Pastor Steve, is really passionate about young people. Now imagine if when he was called to plant a church, he refused because that stagnated his mission of reaching and preaching to many young people? Instead, he just was. And now, he heads many young people passionate about other young people and so in the process, he ends up mentoring a team to reach out to the people he desires to bring to God. So ultimately he has achieved way more than he would have if he was working alone, chasing after young people. 

That’s the concept. We may not understand how our state and position relates to our purpose. They may even look contradictory. But God holds the bigger picture. Plus He is the one who gave you both; your state and positioning. Meaning if we leave it up to Him to join up the two, the results will bewilder us. 

I don’t know whether the sun has ever seen how a sunset looks like. But if it has, I bet it can’t believe that that amazingly beautiful product is from it, yet all it did was just to be still. 


  1. Siphosetu says:

    Your blog has enchanted me. I’ve fallen in love 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Thank you sweetheart! Glory to God


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