I love you. 

Hello Mercy. How are you doing? Okay, let me answer that. 

You are very beautiful, just as you are. No need to slim down first or get a flat tummy( okay maybe for healthy reasons only) but you look amazing. Like really amazing. I can’t stop looking at pictures of you. Its like the world was waiting for this moment to unveil you. You are a complete package in yourself. Beautiful soul and a beautiful body to top it up with. 

I love you. I know I never say this enough times, but I love you. Very much. I love how much of a thinker you are. It has its own disadvantages, that’s granted, but you never take things at face value. And that is beneficial because you think things through and come up with what works for you and what doesn’t. 

I love how committed you are to the people closest to you. When you pass a certain level of closeness, your heart goes all in. You love with the whole of your heart. Pretty one, I know you know from experience that , that hurts at times. Human beings don’t necessarily pay back that commitment with its equal on their pat. And that’s okay. I’m proud of you sweetheart, that you would choose to do you in a world where people conform to worldly standards. 

I also love your relationship with God. But most specifically, your honesty with Him and the desire to be as closest to Him as possible. On your honesty, there was a time in your life when you couldn’t even tell yourself the truth. And now you face God with all kinds of ugly truths and feelings, and there could never have been a better trustee than God. He is so worth the trust, commitment and attention that you bestow upon Him. And whatever you invest in, grows. You are proof that God can be an active best friend. Literally. 

I love how when you laugh, you laugh from the bottom part of your ribs(he he). I always remember the times you’ve laughed at the end of the day, and it brings me immense joy, to realise that even in the middle of hard times, you still haven’t lost your inner happy self. To make you laugh of late isn’t easy as it was before, but its okay, better the once in a while laugh than nothing at all. 

Your optimistic self is another thing to die for. You always believe that things will turn out okay. Of late you may have forgotten that sweetheart. But let me remind you, things will turn out okay, in all spheres of your life. Don’t worry about it. Just get back in tune to that optimistic side of you that enjoyed washing Loos in form one. Sprinkle your happy self in everything. Things will work out, you’ll see. 

And I can’t overemphasize how much I love you. Even at your darkest moments, I love you. At your weakest, when you cry and wish this cup would be taken away from you, I love you. I love you even at your happiest moments when you are excited about life. I may not tell you this enough times, but I’ve realized that there is a kind of love that only I can give you. Self love. And as you live through your days, I hope you shall remember that, but in case you don’t, on a day like today, I shall be here to remind you. I love you dear one. 

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