I just got a revelation!

God is so amazing. 

So a close friend of mine complemented me about my spiritual life. She said she admires how committed I am to God and my closeness with Him. Now, instead of saying thank you after that complement, i got confused. In my head, complements should be of things that are in my power. Like clothes, hardwork, being an amazing friend etc. But on my spiritual life, God was entirely to blame. 

To take things even further, God has been revealing to me how all along He has been holding me. There were times I was looking back and thought that my seeking God and commitment to reading His word often and praying, were what kept my spiritual life alive. Seeking and God and praying are important, but unless God builds with the builders, the builders build in vain.  Then I’ve gone through a wilderness for the last 3 months and God has been the one holding my hand every single day. So He corrected me and showed me that even when I thought I was the one holding on, God was the one still holding me.

So see, God is to blame for my spiritual life. So in my head, He was the one to get the complement not me. But my boyfriend(I heard bae is outdated,what has replaced it?) thought differently. According to Him, i’m alive and working towards being more Christlike. Its not bad for me to get that complement about my spiritual life. I still didn’t get it. So when I woke up, part of my daily devotions is usually from Charles Spurgeon.

 Guess what the devotion was on today? Gideon and his army. He told them to shout, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon”. Basically he was saying that the two go hand in hand. God does His work. And then He uses us as instruments to go forth and testify of His goodness. Its wrong to say only the Sword of the Lord alone, because then it means we as Jesus’s followers are not doing the work bestowed upon us. And idleness isn’t advocated in God’s kingdom.  And its also wrong to say The Sword of Gideon alone, because God is the initiater and enabler of the whole process. That the two go hand in hand. 

That I understood. It made sense. So I now understand that God plays His part, I play mine, and we work together in harmony. Its not pride to be recognized as a tool and instrument and servant of God. Its actually humbling and an honour at the same time. 

So you know how much I love sunsets, right? I was washing the utensils on a window facing outside at around 5pm today and in my heart I just had this fleeting desire to catch today’s sunset. We talked with my cousin till that desire got pushed back into my mind. As we were talking, our discussion brought up things I need to talk to God about. Things I have questions about. So I decide to come into the bedroom for a quiet time. 

Guess what I found? The most amazing reflection of a sunset ever!! Like I looked at the window and in my head I’m thinking” when did the sun shift to this side?” Just to peep outside the window and I see the real sunset at its usual side. So I quickly grab my phone and start taking pictures of the reflection on the window. I’m on top of a table saa hizo. After a few shots I decide to take pictures of the real sunset. 

See the reflection above?

And there is the struggle. I have to take half my body outside the window to take the picture. The sunset is beautiful! But guess what? I don’t get a good picture of it. It looks blurred. And that’s understable considering I’m using a phone not a real camera with the capability of capturing that image. So I continue taking pictures of the reflection. 

That’s the real sunset

And as I sit down on the bed, I want to tell someone about that amazing reflection. And that’s when God decides to use that reflection to teach me what He has been trying to tell me since I got that complement. 

You see, the reflection was the exact copy of the real sunset. It was amazing and using my phone camera, I could capture it fully, without missing a thing. 

On the other hand, the real sunset is the real deal. Its heavenly amazing. Only problem is, using the tool I have in my hand which is my phone camera, I can’t capture it. And to even get a glimpse of it ,in my camera , I have to risk both my body and my phone. And even then, I can’t grasp its fullness and details and beauty. The product I get isn’t anything close to the real deal that it is. 

And so God tells me , that He is the real Sunset, and He wants me to be His reflection. Using our kawaida senses, getting ‘it’ from the source could be a whole task that might even be dangerous. You might have to go to great lengths to get it, risking things in the process and even then you might not get the details of whatever it is that God wants you to get. God’s glory or power might even be the reason you don’t get the whole picture. It might blur your senses.  I don’t even know if I’m explaining this correctly but I’ll try. 

But God is calling me to be His reflection. That way, some Mercy who loves sunsets(in this case God) can come find that using the reflection of God in me, she can capture perfectly all details and lessons and understanding about God that she is supposed to get. She will get that from me, using means she can understand and it will not be risky for her. It will be simple, understable and amazing. The sunset reflection was not an inch less amazing because it was on a window. It got me so excited that I couldn’t keep calm. 

Same way, God wants to find Himself in me. Like on top of Him being amazing, imagine finding that amazingness reflected perfectly in a way you can understand (in this case a human)? Wouldn’t that be simply amazing?

Anyway, finally this matter is being put to rest. If I receive a complement on my spiritual life or if someone admires what I have going on with God, it is as amazing as “To the sword of the Lord and of Mercy”. Both co-exist in harmony. And to God be the Glory. I’m so happy you would think that God has never spoken to me before(but using sunsets? This is a first one between me and God)..but who cares , I Just Got a Revelation!


  1. Wanyika Wangio says:

    Wow!!this is just amazing!!Continue with the good work you are doing and I pray you NEVER get tired.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Aaaw..thank you Wanyika. And Amen!


  2. theMash says:

    Great revelation. May God use you to impact many lives through writing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Riziki Murungi says:

    Beautifully written & truly God inspired!
    God bless you dear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Thank you Riziki


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