What’s your story?

Stories of Courage. Today I’m not all about how I love stories of courage. I think this describes it best. Heard of a light bulb moment? Well, I just had one. 

I thought when you have a light bulb moment, you come up with something new altogether. Well, its different for me. I’ve always had it. Just never looked at it from this way. 

I’ve just discovered that I love stories. Seems weird when I already have a blog for telling stories? A different kind of love. How have I unraveled that? When I found myself dropping everything to attend an impromptu Stories of Courage, now renamed Courage Stories, I kept on asking myself why. Like why did I keep on attending every single Stories of Courage edition? I’ve only missed one, the first one when I didn’t even know it existed. 

And as Marcus Olang explained how he has always wanted to create a space for real stories, I found myself relating to that.  I love rawness. It frees you up. Especially after I did the bleeding it out series here. And I’ve already told my story. Everyone has a story. Some are tragic, others exciting. Some people think that because they didn’t go through extreme events, their stories don’t count. I was there too. Until I realized that everyone has their own pain. And you should never compare it to others. 

And so it hit me, why not tell other people’s stories? Like who are you? Why do you behave the way you do? Why do you do the things you do? How did you end up where you are? What have you gone through and how does that shape your perspective of the world? 

So here is how we are going to about it. I know nothing about writing other people’s stories. And in case you’ve ever told me something in confidence,and if you’ve followed this blog, you know I’ve never written about it. I respect people’s privacy. Because I wouldn’t have liked it one bit, if my best friend had shared the things I told her to the public. But when the time came, I poured myself out here

So there is only 1 rule as we start- you, as the owner of the story, makes the rules. You decide whether to share your name or to share your story anonymously. You decide either to share bits of your life or the whole of it. In simple terms- you just do what you want in my space which provides an avenue for you to be real. We all know churches and friendships are not exactly providing that. 

And that’s how we jump into the fire straight from the frying pan. 

Sharing your story does two important things according to me; one it frees you up. You stop carrying these luggage of secrets within you. It unburdens you. And two, it helps others. I wouldn’t have gone through or started my healing journey if I had never attended stories of courage and heard other people’s stories, that though different from mine, I could relate. And all glory goes to God for that. Being real helps impact someone else going through the same. At least they know there is nothing wrong with pain and being broke and struggling etc, unlike TV and motivation speakers who focus on the success not on the painful journey to that success. 

In case you would want to share your story( which can happen through digital platforms- we don’t have to meet unless its necessary, ), or know someone who would want to share their story, you can reach me via 0700543542 or mmercymwende@gmail.com.

What’s your story?


  1. lovinemboya says:

    I tell myself I live to write(and feature in any other way) people’s stories. Which is why http://lovinemboya.com/ exists.
    One day, I hope, I will be ready to share mine. But I do share bits and pieces once in a while. I will follow this series so I learn and grow from the stories shared.
    Thanks for starting this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      You’ll be ready, just hang in there.
      Plus you are doing an awesome job yourself of sharing people’s stories- keep it up!

      Liked by 1 person

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