Context. I don’t know which one to start talking about, Hidden Figures or The Miracles of Jesus? Well, the Miracles of Jesus go first. 

On Sunday and I think Monday ,KTN, at 8.00pm airs a show called The Miracles of Jesus. Unlike passion of Christ, it imagines and creates the kind of life those who encountered Jesus might have had. For example for the tax collector who later paid people he had stolen from 4 times over, they gave him a wife who didn’t like his thieving ways. They show us the lives of the poor people he stole from. One even died as a result. People hated the guy. Businesses were closed because of him. One traveler had to go back to his country due to unfavorable working conditions as a result of the high taxes. Then the tax collector finds salvation. And decided to pay everyone he stole from. You can imagine the shock from all those people. Most thought he had come for more money. His actions  had a better impact on them than maybe listening to Jesus preach. This was more practical. 

At first I was suspicious. Anything taken from the Bible that is not exactly the way the word is, is open to misinformation. But two or three miracles down the line, I realized that it would cause more benefit than good. Why? It gives you context. It helps you realize that the people Jesus healed, had families, villages and townspeople who knew them from when they were young. It helps you see the background setting of Jesus’s work. You can’t watch it and see the miracles the same. You start seeing the people whose stories the bible tell us about in 3 or 10 verses  from a deeper perspective. And how much the miracles must have meant to them. 

I keep on expecting Miracles of Jesus to fail in something, but so far, I just want to meet the Script Writer. He or she has done an excellent job! More than 5 miracles down the line, the only thing I can correct is the use of the word, ” my love” to refer to a boyfriend or husband, I don’t know about the Jewish culture and relations, but I doubt they are that lovey dovey. That sounds more Spanish or soapish. Otherwise Miracles of Jesus has done a very good job in giving context. It would really help a Christian. Especially one who is not a recent or new believer. 

On Hidden Figures. I was talking to a guy yesterday who doesn’t believe in feminism. Still believes in the traditional roles of women. Those who know me are wondering at what point I started hanging out with such kind of characters. Worry not, whatever was the point of the meeting, has nothing to do with one’s character or beliefs. Or at least I hope so. So he went on and on on how men have natural leadership instincts and women have natural submission ones.( can you imagine in 2017 there are still some humans with such kind of thinking?) Anyway, I decided to move from that topic, you can’t convince such kind of people otherwise. What about the research and data proving and backing them they apparently have? We all know you can find anything on the internet to back anything. 

So I’ve finally watched Hidden Figures. I’ve always had it but never watched it till today. And haven’t I loved it! I love how it gives feminism Context. It shows you the struggle women of colour( the bottom of human race at that point) endured to do basic human things. 

We may not have the same problems here in Kenya, but you can imagine how the first girls at Alliance High School felt as they were taught sewing, home science and agriculture while the boys were taught physics. And what joy they must have felt when they were allowed to school ‘regular’ subjects with the boys across the valley. And finally the relief of having their own teachers and fellow girl students. Imagine how Grace Onyango felt in parliament, a woman, surrounded by hundreds of men. Or how Effie Owuor felt, being the first Woman Judge in Kenya? The list is endless, the first woman teacher, doctor, CEO, Cabinet Secretary, policewoman, driver and on and on it goes. 

Until now, when some people don’t see the need for an ” equality movement”. When it seems all fair yet I hear women in management positions are expected to serve their peers tea and are paid less for the same job. We can take it for granted now, that we school and work like any other person, but may we never forget that it took pain, abuse and determination against many odds to be where we are. 

But people without context, may never understand the real story. I can’t overemphasize on the importance of context. So I’ll just leave it here…that it is foolish to argue and form strong opinions on issues that one has no context on. 

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