..and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

Psalms 37:4

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  

What does the above verse mean to you? For the longest time ever, it simply meant that if I took delight in God; that is, worshipped Him, did according to His Will, served Him, prayed to Him etc, then God would now grant the desires of my heart, specifically traveling all over the world and owning an NGO. It was pretty straightforward. 

Until, I started growing deeper into God’s word. Especially prayer wise. I once read that, what oxygen is to a human body, prayer is to a Christian. And so I started praying more or at least the frequency of my prayers increased. I ensured that even between activities in my day, I would pray. I even started attending that prayer meeting in my church that I’ve mentioned here before. I wanted to be alive spiritually. And if prayer was the key, then I certainly would use it. 

Then trouble appeared in paradise. Some of my prayer requests were being answered, and some not being answered. Being me, that troubled me. A lot. Why was God being selective when it comes to my issues? Did He not know how important everything I bring before Him is to me? Did He sincerely care? Because if He did, then He would have granted me some of those prayer requests.

I hated that aspect. That God has the power and ability to answer me, but He at times chooses not to. It affected the trust I had put in Him. It made me start second guessing Him. Like I would have an issue, I bring it before Him, but at the back of my heart I’m thinking, ” what if He chooses not to answer this one?”. Trusting God while not trusting Him at the same time is a very bad place to be as a Christian. A lot of things can happen. And none of them good. 

But I have come to learn a very important lesson which I have talked about it kidogo here. God’s nature and will. Those two never change. At all. God will never stop being just. Not even for a mini second. And again, He will not go against His word. Not even for His son. Like God is unchangeable. He never changes. 

How is that unchanging nature related to my prayers? I came to ask myself, are my prayer items according and in line with God’s will? Are they? Were they? Those things God was not giving me, was it my right according to His word, which He swears by?

 There was a time I got mad at God because He didn’t bring back the electricity when I wanted to shower(petty I know). But then it meant a lot to me at the moment. And knowing my God, I knew He could easily do that. But He didn’t. But looking back, had God done that, He would have opened a door for me to be a brat. There are times, God has answered silly requests from me, but those ones have served to strengthen our relationship. According to His word, He desires that I have a strong character, that will come from perseverance. So if any of my prayer requests, leads to the opposite of that, He will not go against His Will found in His word for me. Because He can’t go against Himself. 

Then come the ways through which God speaks to me. Prayer being the main one. There are times I have gone to pray and in between my prayer I get a new perspective of things. That’s God talking to me. Other times God prompts me to pray about something or someone. Even when things are not necessarily going wrong with that thing or person. 

As I grow deeper, I have realized something else change about the things I want. For example, there is a time I thought about what God’s purpose was for my life. That question troubled me for a while. Sincerely, I felt as if my spiritual growth was enough for God to now hand me responsibilities. I prayed about it. And the next week, someone sent to me the purpose driven life by Rick Warren. Reading that book opened me to the soo many things that I needed to work on. To the extent that I felt as if I was very immature spiritually and not ready for the purpose I was asking God for. But the lessons of that book kept on running around my head. One month later, a discipleship program in church opened up. And in between I learnt how to manage the various responsibilities God expects of me.

What I’m driving at is this, God speaks to us through the desires of our heart. Looking at the above example, I can tell you 100% that the desire to know God’s purpose didn’t originate from my carnal mind. My earthly self is too selfish to start thinking about what I can do for anyone else beside me. So God placed that desire in me. And He thus went ahead to fulfill. 

This goes hand in hand with, “may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I used to wonder why on earth God does not just do His will without our prayer or asking. I still don’t know why by the way, but one thing I know, is that God comes down upon our invitation. This is why David concludes that, God dwells in the praises of His people. And we are also told, that where two or three are gathered in His name, God is there. In simple terms, that’s why prayer is the most important thing a Christian can do. You stop praying, your spirituality dies. 

So what does God do when He wants something to happen but you haven’t prayed for it? Being the gentleman He is, He can’t force you. So He makes you desire it. Which makes you pray for it. Which leads to His will happening on earth as it is in heaven. 

That was my point today. That God will give you the ‘desires’ of your heart. Like He will make you desire things according to His will. 

Now how do you know that the desires you have are from God? Well, the best way to know something is from God is by reading His word. God will never go against His nature and will. But not everything is mentioned in the bible, you say. But whatever it is, will be something that the God in the bible can do or command. 

Another way, is that God will follow up the desire in your heart with action. For example, I felt a certain desire in my heart on Tuesday. During the weekend, we were told to pray over the exact same thing. God always follows up on the desires He gives. Always. Plus there are no coincidences with God. If you see or hear the same message twice, pray about it, don’t ignore it. 
So take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

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