What is the difference between a thief and robber? A person steals a chicken not robs a chicken and is therefore a thief of a chicken. Whereas, people don’t steal from banks, they rob banks, therefore they are called bank robbers. Technically speaking, being a thief only requires good timing and manual labor. Whereas robbing is for the intelligent and patient. People who take their time and observe their prey and then come up with a strategy that includes the exit or get away means. In simple terms most block buster movies are of robbers, not thieves. Thieves are not interesting. Robbers remain on people’s tongues way after they are gone.

You remember Matheri? The guy who was named by the police ” Enemy of the state number 1″ around 2007?. I remember following news of him religiously. It was interesting to know that not even the wife knew he was a robber. She did not even know his real name, as she later came to realize. Now, only a smart guy can pull that off, have your face in every newspaper and television channel and a pregnant wife at home with absolutely no clue that it is her husband they are after. To cut the story short, I have always been intrigued by robbers. Their personalities, how they operate, how they feel about themselves. What do their family members and friends feel or think of them? Why do they keep on robbing? Because it can’t be for money alone, most of them get ‘good’ money after one or two gigs, so why continue with the trade? Do they get a high from it? Do they ever plan on quitting? What motivates them? Do robbers share any similarity? If they met, would they connect or click on a deeper level? What made them robbers since with those kind of brains they could have succeeded elsewhere? Do they feel anything for the people or entities they rob from?

And so it was a great shocker when God called me a robber. Not a thief, not a defaulter like the banks would call me, not a disobedient child, a robber. Malachi 3;8..yet you rob me…God says, in offering and tithe. Sincerely speaking, I had never ever paid attention to money lessons either from the church or the world because in my mind, when I start earning a salary, is when I shall bother with money matters. 

To make matters worse, the church I grew up in, only talked of money when its about their salaries. They would use all those verses about giving and tithing to guilt trip the church into giving more. I have never liked that at all. God should be served from the heart not as an obligation. Not as a thing you do to get God’s blessing. They are free. If they were not, some of us could be dead since we wouldn’t afford even our own breaths. So matters of tithing used to pass through one ear to the next. 

But that does not mean I don’t handle money. Money passes through my hands. Money I can call my own. So why hadn’t it occurred to me to use it wisely? Because I did not work for it. And here is another important lesson, everything ad everyone belongs to God. Your body belongs to God, your mind, heart and soul belong to Him. Just because you don’t use them for His glory does not change the ownership. Now if everything belongs to Him,why does he want it back? Why on earth would he expect you to give him a part of the money that passes through your hands?

When we have money in our hands, we ask, how much of my money should I give God? Yet the question is , how much of God’s money that I’m holding do I actually need? Its His money earned by or given to His child, for His glory. There are a lot of reasons why you should not only tithe but also give to the poor. Tithing is majorly recognizing that God is your provider and owner. Its a due we pay, not a gift we give God. We don’t give or gift or bless the church with tithes, we pay God tithes. Its a payment out of His money that is in your possession. Kitambo I thought you could give to charity as a means of tithing. Raise up your hand if you don’t trust Kenyan pastors. Until I realised that giving to the poor and needy is another of our responsibilities as Christians. God actually says that whoever gives to the least of one of us, lends to Him. Like you are actually owed something by God. So if you tithe in the place of giving, you have done one of your two responsibilities as a christian, and even the one you have done, you have done it wrongly. 

For those who claim they can not tithe because pastors are corrupt, why on earth are you attending a church which you sincerely know  does not put God first in their affairs? Are you even benefitting spiritually from that place if you doubt the moral compass of the leaders? What are you even doing there in the first place? If you notice on TVs or books, when you get born again they tell you to look for a local church to be part of. A church that is led by God. They are there by the way. I attended around 4 churches before I found one that my spirit was comfortable with. Look and ask God to plant you in a place where your spirit will be fed, and where you will find a community of believers that you can grow together with. And tithes and offerings should be paid where you are fed spiritually. 

Personally, I want to move from being the robber I am, to a person who lends to God. In my entire life I sincerely never thought anyone would ever consider me a thief let alone a robber. When I realized that its not a version of the bible that calls me that ,but actually God, I found it disturbing while at the same time funny but in a twisted sense. It implies that I sat down, calculated and made plans on how to steal from God, and actually pulled it off successfully. Who does that? Who robs God? Like how now? That has stuck with me. We all know rehabilitating a thief is easier than transforming a robber. But guess what, nothing is impossible with my God. Plus he hasn’t made me realize this, to leave me wallowing in a robber’s den. 

Its never too late friends. Search within you and find out if your balance sheet balances with the one God has. Because you will be asked about it. He will ask you what you did with His strength that He gave you, His time, His skills, His abilities, His body and His money or wealth that was under your management. I hope I shall be here again to talk about savings and investments. Yes, those two are actually God’s ideas, not ours. After all, its His wealth. Plus God is really the entrepreneur of the millennium, right? How do you create two humans, and thousands of hectares of land and give them the responsibility to fill it up? Doesn’t that remind you of the saying, ” work smart, not hard”?

 Anyway, back to the robbers around here, it starts with a prayer and reading the word of God for yourself to find out if Mercy has been brainwashed by those pastors you don’t trust or that you have been robbing God too. 

For all well-done-faithful-servants-of-God around here, keep up the good works and may God keep you. For all robbers, God is waiting for us to ask for forgiveness and deliverance from Him. 

Now have a robbery free day, won’t you? 

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  1. Patience says:

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏feeling challenged and blessed. Everything that passes through our hands.. We ought to give back to God and stop being robbers. And get a church that feeds your spirit…

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