She always saw them everywhere, in the matatu, around archives and the markets. Sometimes with a microphone, other times with really worn out bibles. After listening to them for over a hundred times, she has learnt the art of switching off when they speak. Except one or two times when they actually deliver a message she needed to hear. Other times she listens out of guilt. She does not want to go to heaven and find out she had been ignoring her housemate to be. And in those times when she gives, its always out of pity. I mean, this guys are actually depending on preaching in matatus for survival. 

But then He has been calling her to care more about the things He cares about. And calling on the lost was His main mission on earth. At first she ignored Him. When you are heavy laden with your own burdens you won’t notice anyone else’s. But if you know this gentleman, then you know how patient He can be. Slowly by slowly He has been unburdening her. Asking her to bring all her worries to Him. The easy ones she brings willingly. The rest He has to cause a storm in her sea to make her give them up to Him. With every burden lifted, she gets a new yoke. Something lighter than she is used to. 

At first they said that everyone has their own different purpose in this one body. Everyone is unique. And they said He requires that they all use those different gifts and abilities for His glory. She had no problem with that. Until they said that all of them are called to call others. Its everyone’s purpose. Its among the top three reasons He didn’t take them home after they gave their lives to Him. The harvest. But as usual, that didn’t bother her. She would talk to those she can, write to those who will read and pray for the rest. The rest of the body parts will do the other things. But no, they insisted, everyone has the ability to at least once in a lifetime be a street preacher. 

Street preacher. Those people she always ignored. The ones she avoided at all cost. The ones she gave sadaka out of pity. The ones she assumes they don’t exist and if they do its none of her business. She would now be one of them. That didn’t excite her one bit. The world is a cruel place. Especially for religion. But more so for Christianity. She could have said no. But that didn’t cross her mind. She is simply not one to wave off trying a new thing. Plus she wouldn’t be alone. 

“I’ll wear a clothe that I can easily run in, in case we are chased off somewhere”. She told her roommate that morning. She was hoping for the best, but more prepared for the worst. People don’t like being asked if they know Him. But that doesn’t mean they never have answers for that. Expecting rejection she turned up for a briefing with the other church members turned street preachers that day. Her prayer was that God remembers the prayers that had been made for this day. And off they went. 

You know what is better than being told ” I love you”? Telling someone they are loved. Nothing beats that. Reminding someone that He has their back, whether they acknowledge Him or not. That He cares, for all of us. That simple message of love ended up changing her perspective. The world is thirsty, she realised. The kind if thirst that well water can’t relieve. Besides one or two people, the rest were very receptive. Indeed , she concluded, the harvest is a lot but the laborers are few. 

Sometimes fear holds us back from doing God’s business. And true not everyone is called to be a street preacher. But being one will help you see the desire that is in people’s hearts but they have no shepherd to lead them. Plus, He won’t tell you to go do His work and then desert you in the process. He promises to be with you always. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to remind people that they are loved. Even go ahead and ask God to show you the opportunities around you. They will believe by hearing the word, and how will they hear if they are not preached to? Do your part. Spread the word. Plant the seed.God is able to grow it. Plus it’s His part to do so. And your part to ensure that in your sphere of influence, everyone has heard the word. Not the complicated deeper things of the spirit. Just the basic that God loves us. He always has and He always will. 

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