Don’t pray for your future spouse

It seems like the in-thing nowadays with Christians. Praying for your future spouse. That whole idea has always unsettled me. As in yes, God asks us to ask Him anything in faith, but for me praying for human beings in your life that you may not even get seems more like anxiety to me, not a need. Plus He would anyway give you a husband without you praying for one. I mean, with all the love our father has for us, would He refuse to give you anything good simply because you didn’t ask?
Assuming you actually got that Godly husband after 10yrs of diligently praying for him, who would take the glory? Your prayers or God? Would you be convinced that God would not have withhold anything good from you( He says that in His word) or would you smile and tell everyone how your prayers finally worked?
I’ve heard a lot of well meaning Christians state how they are busy praying for their future spouses and kids. What if God had given you enough grace to be a spinster or bachelor for life in line with the purpose He has for you? Won’t you be dissapointed with God’s role for you? While in actual sense, its you who set up unrealistic expectations for Him in your prayers. And worse still, after praying for your future kids, what if you are actually barren? My point is, praying for future situations sets you up for failure. I believe God had a very big reason telling us to not worry about tomorrow. If He tells us to not even worry about the most basic thing such as food, do you think He will be pleased with you worrying about big things such as a marriage?

Anytime I say this, people usually ask, what if I actually long for a marriage and family? Shouldn’t I pray for my heart’s desires? You definitely should. In my opinion just don’t peg your entire existence on it. The same way when you pray for a car, you don’t start going around in petrol stations asking about the price of oil for your future car or building a car park. You simply hope God answers your prayers and then you go ahead living your life fully as of now. Same thing.
I think society’s obsession with marriage has caught up with Christians. But in our case, we have made it seen holy by praying fervently about it every single day. You are whole as you are. God loves you just as you are. He has a purpose for your life as you are. And if you seek His righteousness and Kingdom first, everything else shall follow.
I didn’t have any ‘proof’ to back up why the whole idea of praying for your future spouse and kids unsettles me that much. But this article below has expounded it in such a good way. Especially on the part that in the bible single people are seen as being more ideal to serve God since they have no family or spouse to look after. And a christian replacing that dedication meant to serve God with a fantasy of a future spouse robs them of that privilege.
By all means ask God for a family if that is what you want, but remember that you are a Godly woman/man not a Godly future wife/husband.

I Don’t Pray for my Future Husband

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