Consequences of sin

To get this, you should read Celestine and Othering which I used as introductions.


“Your parents are the ones on the wrong. They didn’t forgive themselves for having you. And so they passed on that to you.” He said.
“Let me interrupt you,” another member chipped in, this time a lady, ” the baby is a blessing. I have always said that. Its the action of begetting that baby that was wrong. All babies are blessings. And God has a purpose for each one of us. But the baby is a consequence of sin. The parents had sex before marriage which is a sin before God, and thus as a consequence got a baby.”

This was a heated debate in a church group discussion. We are going through a program that sees us meet once in a week. I happened to ask on one of the topics titled Our Problem. The chapter talked of how the wages of sin is death. Like the consequences of living a sinful life is death. Now, after every topic there are questions that should help you apply what you’ve learnt to your life.
The question that led to this heated discussion is this, ” What are some of the consequences of sin that you and your family have encountered as a result of sin?”. Apparently the best example people could up with is children born out of wedlock. According to them, you get that baby as a result of participating in sin, its the wage or result you get for sinning.

I found that messed up. Like really messed up. Why? Because I was born out of wedlock. My parents are married, but once in a while, they will remind you that it took quite sometime to get their act together after giving birth to me. So this is quite personal. So personal that I left that discussion feeling totally messed up.

This is someone telling you that you are a wage to a sin. Your existence that is. But you are a blessing and that God has a purpose for you.  Think about it, does that sound conceivable? What do you think about it? Are children given as consequences by God to people who have sex before marriage? Like they are wages to what you did. What is astounding is that everyone in that group believed it. And they went on to justify their positions by insisting on how its the sex that’s sin, the baby (consequence) is a blessing.

This is what I think. That God in His wisdom made the reproductive systems. Just the same way He made the earth and its various systems, eg, the solar system, the hydrological system etc. Everything he made is/was good. And if you look carefully, all processes made by God are 100% efficient. If you have sex and the sperms fertilize your ovaries, you shall get pregnant. Simple biology. That is how God created our bodies. At times God interferes with His own systems, like when it rained 40 days and nights from both the ground and up. But in most cases, He let’s them be.
In my understanding, the systems God created work the same to all inhabitants on earth. Both believers and nonbelievers get 24hrs in a day. Both of them get the sun. Muslims and Buddhist and Catholics and SDA’s get their food digested the exact same way when they eat. Witches and sorcerers and priests and scientists survive in the same weather and climate. No one on earth gets to defy how God made the earth to operate. No one has it easier or simpler while others have to go to the lab and make their own rain.

Which brings me to the point, that if Muslims, Kambas, Nigerians, Europeans, Nuns, have sex and the sperm fertilizes the ovaries, a baby shall be begotten. It does not matter whether its rape, sex before marriage or sex in your sixties. Its just how God made it to be. Its just how the systems you carry around in your body work.

But when you defy the orders of your God, bad things will happen to you, according to the agreement you had with your God. Now, that sounds like a consequence to me. For example, the Israelites were promised Victory over their enemies if they obeyed God, and if they didn’t, the wages of their disobedience was losses during war. In simple terms, a mother can tell a child to stop running around lest they beat them up. If that child falls down on stones, and hurts their leg, in the process of disobedience, hurting their leg isn’t a punishment for disobeying their mother. Its just nature, you fall down where there are stones, you will get your skin injured. The punishment will be if the mother beats up this kid for that disobedience.

But if what this guys were saying is true, that getting a baby is as a consequence of sin, then how come not all Christians who have sex before marriage get babies? I mean, if the wages of sin are this then shouldn’t everyone who commit it get a reward for it? So why some and not others?

My simple understanding is, babies are never consequences. Not in the, if you sin, you get this as a reward. When you have sex before marriage, there are consequences such as living with various soul or sex ties. But God does not go ahead to do anything to ensure you get a baby. Its just how He created our bodies to operate. The same way He will not go ahead to ensure you get rewarded for your choices, is the same way He will not go out of His way to restructure how your body system works to prevent normal biological functions from taking place.

What do you think? Are babies consequences of having sex before marriage? Or are they a natural phenomena that occurs when conditions are perfect to anyone on earth? Are they a reward or wages to sin?

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