Thank you for the clothes. See, they fitted us well. Kanini, Wambua and Nduku are also grateful for theirs. After we shower we shall all dress up so that you see. No, it is not a bother, we will just wear them to show you that they fitted us. Its the first time in three years that we are wearing brand new clothes. The first Christmas that we have been bought for clothes, so regardless of it being 11 o’clock at night we will wear them for you.
Our mother? No, she does not call that often. Only once in a while to know which class each of us is progressing to. Wambua, wouldn’t recognize her if they met somewhere. About missing her, I don’t know. We survive one way or another without her. Plus, to me her presence does not make a difference. Either way I will be the one to wash all my siblings’ clothes including hers and her husband’s. I will be the one to cook and wash the house. I will be the one who washes Nduku and Wambua till they grow old enough to wash themselves. I will be the one to fetch water for the household. So with her or without her, my life is still the same since I do those things here. Only difference is that with her we would live in a town, right now with grandma we live here in the village.
Hehe, ati at my age you couldn’t do all those things? Maybe it’s because you think I’m really young like Kanini. I’m turning thirteen this year. Stop looking so surprised. I’m in class five because I repeated so much. Each time we moved from one town to the next, I repeated. Even when we moved here finally, we all repeated.
Umm..I can’t say life here is better than with our mother and father. We are treated differently than our aunt’s kids of our age. She has four primary school going children and we are also four. We are her grandchildren since our mother is her firstborn. I get this feeling that we are a burden. Taking care of six children in one household can not be easy. Alafu the four of us were added. Those are ten mouths to feed every single day. During school days we don’t take lunch. Her children get to carry some since their firstborn is in charge of the meals in this house. And when we get back, I am the one to fetch firewood since my aunt of my age, is not allowed to do household chores.
Let me count. That should be an year and a half ago. He came to see us after great grandma called him. The previous time we saw him had been when he was dropping us here. No, its our father who dropped us here not mum. We had been living with him for a while after mum disappeared. I think he must have realized that she was not coming back, and so he decided to return us to our people. We entered a lorry that dropped us at the market center. He then paid a motorbike to bring us here. No, he didn’t accompany us. The bodaboda guy did not know where he had been directed to bring us. So left us at that boabab tree you see when taking the first corner to here. Luckily for us our great grandma was passing by. The others did not know her since when mum brought us here I must have been around 5yrs and Nduku 2 and 1/2yrs old. Plus she knows all children from the neighborhood so obviously she would have noticed we were strangers even if we didn’t recognize each other. But this side is better than huko Kitui, where dad comes from. We went there once and they live in worse conditions than we do here. So we are lucky that father didn’t think of taking us to his mother.
See how the clothes look good on them? Semeni asanti tena Kanini. Thank you. Should I add your tea?  Okay. When are you coming back to see us? April is a long time away. Before you leave, will you buy for me rubber shoes? Kanini and Nduku have several pairs of shoes. Them being small sees them get a lot of clothes and shoes from all of us who are older. Plus every other relative seems to have a soft spot for Wambua. They always get something for him. We also require A4 books for insha, social studies and composition. Kanini and I that is. Will you also get us biro pens. Two blue, one black and one red for each of us?


  1. Mary Wanyika Wangio says:

    Wow!!to me that is being mature! Taking care of others putting a smile on their faces amd making them feel there are people out there who care and have a big heart. Its the small but great things we do that matter!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kevin Kip says:

    me likey

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mwende says:

      Thank you Kip for passing by


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