Did it rain?


Maturity. When did you discover that you are mature? Was it a one moment thing, or did you over time discover that you have matured? I’m talking of maturity in terms of your thinking process. The kind that Paul in the bible talks of when he says, when he was a child, he thought and acted like a child but as an adult, he put behind him childish ways. In simple terms, he matured.
As a child, I knew I acted a bit more ‘mature’ than other children my age. I heard this in the comments people gave. In primary school, I felt brighter and a little bit wiser than my classmates, thus I assumed I was ‘mature’. In high school, the things my peers enjoyed or made a fuss over like boys, I felt as if I was already so over those things. Thus I assumed I was mature. In campus, my perspective of the world changed completely. I realized that what I thought I knew, I didn’t know, and what I thought I didn’t know, is actually more than I had not thought of. In simple terms, I realized that I was very far from maturity. The closer I got to the term adult and woman, the more I realised how little of them my thoughts represented. As for the question of when does a female start calling herself a woman, we shall discuss that later. Today, let’s talk on maturity.
Kulinyesha?(Did it rain). My older aunts have always asked me that anytime I visited them in the city. By virtue of being the only one from huko bara, they assumed I would know. I always found that weird, how on earth did rain concern me? My parents are not even farmers. Rain does not contribute anything to our budget. And so I always gave a shrug. I could care less.
And when I was in my second long holiday, I worked with a local NGO. Its main work is to enhance the supply of water using sand dams. When I joined it, I didn’t think much of it. Or much of what they do. For me, I was simply adding something to my curriculum vitae. However, three months down the line, I was a different Mercy. I don’t know whether exposure can help a person mature, but for me it did. I interacted with rural people daily. I talked with people whose source of revenue was the rain every single day. I saw the impact of two people starting an organization to help alleviate someone’s suffering. Maybe it wasn’t even their dream, maybe they just found themselves with an idea of forming an NGO, but by the end of the day, they took that leap.
I knew I was mature when I appreciated the importance of rain. The realization that rain affects me was a surprise. I now understood that my aunts were not asking me whether it rained because of where I came from but because they expected me to know the significance of rain to both their lives and mine. At times I even thought people talk of the rain as a way of greeting, as small talk, the way someone with nothing to talk about on a date can mention the weather. How wrong I must have been.
I wanted to Start telling my stories of the ‘village’. The strange things that happen here. The normal people with stories that blow you away. The children who I desperately wish I could change an aspect or two of their lives. I have so much to tell, but I didn’t know where to start from. And so I started from the rain. Because I now realize our lives are interconnected. Before, I wouldn’t care less or more what the people around me are going through. I was a stranger to my own people. I lived in my own world. Now, I spare thoughts for the people I meet. I think about their words way after they are gone. A close friend of mine thinks I try to find meaning in everything. Maybe I do. Or maybe I’m just mature enough to realize that the universe is much more than me. My own universe that is. 
Where you are, kulinyesha?

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