In my quest to read African books and specifically Kenyan books, i came across some of the popular writers such as Meja Mwangi, David Maillu, Margaret Ogola, Grace Ogot and Ngugi wa Thiong’o. I love the fact that some of these books one can read in one sitting. With time I’ll be sharing my reviews of the other books i have and shall read. But for now, here is a review of a book i thoroughly enjoyed reading.


Juda, that guy is something. This village drunk leaves you falling in love with his intelligence, wittiness and cunningness. He is the kind of person you will not forget easily yet you know deep inside that these kinds of people do not last forever. He brings out everything wrong with the society, starting with ,education is the sole liberator of poverty, that for a youth to succeed one has to go to the city and that the money is everything among others.
Meja Mwangi‘s art of naming his characters according to their ummm..Characters, makes this an easy read. Baba Pesa representing the lot of politician we currently have and the wealthy who think everything should go their way simply because they have money. They leave you wondering if being rich makes you more human than the poor soul out there.
His village setting couldn’t have been better. It simply represents everyone’s village. Characterized by full dependency on rain fed agriculture and the youths wasting their lives away. The mentality that you need money to get more money is the ill thinking that makes the poor poorer as years go by. Juda tries to dispel this mentality but clearly no one is ready to accept that skill, creativity and hard work is all one needs to succeed in something.
Striving for the wind is a book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to relax for a few hours. The author puts forth issues of serious concern in a simple and humorous manner. Instead of leaving one weighed down by the harsh realities of most Kenyan’s lives, one is left acknowledging the fact that they exist but we still can enjoy life as shown by Mutiso the goatherd.
I’ll rate it 6.5 out of 10.
Favorite lines
The man who works so hard to produce nothing- By Baba Baru
Walking out of the vegetation came out the primate- Baba Pesa during the rain making ceremony.

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